Preliminary Return to Play Approved Phase 2 Protocol for Allard Arena

  1. Players/parents must use the Province of Manitoba Online Screening Tool before coming to the arena.
  2. Please practice social distancing (2 metres). Signs and floor markings are provided as reminders.
  3. Spectators must social distance in the bleachers. Areas along the boards, in the dressing room area and the lobby are out of bounds.
  4. All players enter the arena from the Northeast entrance and go directly to the dressing room no earlier than 20 minutes before their ice time. One parent can assist the player in the dressing area if needed.
  5. Players must stagger their entrance and exit to and from the ice.
  6. Once an ice time is completed all spectators must use the southeast exit to go to their vehicle. There is no congregating in the lobby or by the entrances/exits.
  7. After the ice time is complete all players will exit the dressing room once the next group of players is on the ice. Players must leave the arena through the southeast exit no later than 20 minutes after their ice time is over.
  8. After each ice time the rink attendant will sanitize the dressing rooms and the bench area.