Evaluation and Team Formation Process

Updated Sept. 24, 2020 

Max Analytics and Evaluations

Since 2019, SJAMHA evaluations have been conducted by Max Analytics and Evaluation (Max AE), an independent hockey analytics organization.

Max AE will evaluate players on a number of criteria including:

  1. Skating - Acceleration, speed, mobility, agility, balance, stride, crossovers, pivots, acceleration  out of turns, quick feet, controlled skating, change of pace.
  2. Passing - Delivering, receiving, choices, backhand, presenting target, control, touch passes.
  3. Puck Control - Head-up, smooth/quiet, good hands, protection, control in small spaces/traffic.
  4. Shooting - Power, accuracy, release, in motion, goal scorer, rebound control, variety of shots.
  5. Positional Play - Sees plays develop, moves to support, judgement and anticipation.
  6. Checking Concept - Angling, body position, balance/control, strong feet, making/taking checks.

Evaluation Convenors

SJAMHA hockey directors from various community clubs volunteer as evaluation convenors. Evaluation convenors roles include signing players in as they arrive to their sessions, distributing pinnies, communicating with parents about ice times and answering questions about the  evaluation process. Evaluation convenors do not influence the evaluation of players or their placement  at different levels.

Evaluation Sessions

All skaters will be evaluated a minimum of two or three times (depending on age level and  program) and a maximum of four times. Goalies will have additional evaluations sessions. Max AE will send out notification emails two to five days before each evaluation session to notify players of their ice-times.

Bubble Skate

Within 72 hours of the conclusion of the second or third evaluation session, players at  the top and bottom end of the age group pool may be notified by Max AE that their evaluations are  concluded. A third or fourth and final evaluation, also known as a “bubble skate” is an opportunity for evaluators to assess players in the middle rankings one final time.

Report Cards

Max Analytics offers parents a report card that highlights a players strengths and skills they need to focus on based on the hundreds of data points that are collected by evaluators. The cost of the report card is the responsibility of the parent to pay for.


If a player is unable to attend an evaluation session due to injury or illness, please contact the evaluation convenor. No shows without any reason for not attending will receive a lower overall evaluation score due to missing a portion of the evaluation.

Coach Selection

Within a week of evaluations concluding for a particular age group, SJAMHA board members hold a coach selection meeting to select head coaches for teams based on applications and  where their children have been placed.

Team Formation

Within ten days of evaluations concluding, team selection meetings are held, during which head coaches and SJAMHA board members determine which players will be placed on which teams based on their evaluation rankings. Immediately after the team formation meeting, players will receive communication about which team they have been placed on for the season. Players who register within the SJAMHA may or may not be placed on a team from their home community club due to roster size, team balance and coaching considerations.

View the detailed SJAMHA Player Evaluation and Team Formation Process .