Transfer to SJAMHA

Change of Permanent Residence

If you and your child have moved into the SJAMHA area and need to transfer your child to SJAMHA, please complete the following procedure. You will not be able to register with SJAMHA until approval is granted by Hockey Winnipeg.

Transfer Procedure:

  1. Fill out the Change of Permanent Residence Form (CofPR)
  2. Attach a copy of a bill (utility, phone or like), or Health Card or rental agreement as “Proof of Residence”
  3. Send the completed CofPR form and proof of residence to the SJAMHA Registrar
  4. The Registrar will notify you that the transfer has been submitted.
  5. Wait 2 business day, then log onto the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and register your child. If there is an issue with the transfer, the Registrar will contact you.

Association Transfer

If you live in a different association, but want your child to play in SJAMHA, you will need to follow the Minor Transfer Application from Hockey Manitoba. This form is online and process may change depending on the regions and associations involved.

The association transfer may take a couple of weeks to complete so please start the process as early as you can.

Association Transfer Procedure:

Follow the process of the Minor Transfer Application.