I wanted to tell you about my son Kade.

In the 17/18 year hockey season at the age of 12, while playing peewee AA Canadians, we encouraged Kade to start giving back to the sport he loves. He started being an on ice assistant with the 5/6 AW Wildcats (the same team he started with at 6 years old) under Justin Steeves. That year he received the inaugural volunteers award for that work through St. James Canadians AA and St. James Jr. Canucks. He continued on doing the same thing the next year with St James minor. 

Kade Prud’homme

Kade helping out with the AW Wildcats

For the 19/20 year he received his RIS activity leaders course and continued as an assistant coach under the apprenticeship program for hockey Manitoba all while playing bantam aaa for the Winnipeg aaa Hawks. He continued that through the next year for what there was during the beginning of the pandemic. 

In Jan of 2021 he attained his level 1 & 2 coaching qualification after just turning 16. At that point he was one of the youngest if not the youngest Level 1 & 2 qualified coaches in Canada.

In the current 21/22 season he is now a full assist coach with the U11 Canucks AW team all while playing U17 AAA for the thrashers. The team is very understanding of the commitment required for AAA and are happy to have him whenever it works out. He is really enjoying being on the bench and helping to mold future players with the skills he has learned in his 10 years of hockey.

Kade in his AAA Thrashers gear.

Kade in his AAA Thrashers gear.

In those 5 years he has had some great mentors, including Justin Steeves, who has whole heartedly encouraged him to continue this endeavour. 

Kade Prud’homme and Justin Steeves

Kade with Justin Steeves.

Thank you
Mitch Prud’homme