Ages 6-10 (2012 – 2016) – 6 Hours – Cost $175

Keith Bodley Arena

  • Monday, August 29 – Friday, September 2
  • Between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm
  • Ice times will be emailed prior to camp

This camp will focus on the continued development of fundamental skills. This includes important power skating principles, puck handling, passing, shooting and scoring drills. Drills will aim to focus on improving player’s agility, balance and coordination. The camp will introduce and refine the principles of checking, contact awareness and confidence. Drills will aim to introduce individual and team play tactics with the inclusion of up-tempo drills. Instructors will incorporate small area games and competitions to imitate game-like situations in a fun atmosphere.

The skills camp will emphasize,

  • Powerskating (forwards, backwards, edgework, power turns, stops and starts, etc)
  • Basic skill development (passing, puck handling, shooting)
  • Small area competitive games (to help develop hockey IQ in game like situations)

There will be a specialized goalie coach that will help goalies learn basic stance and positioning. Drills will aim to help goalies learn about angles, balance, and control. Goalies will be encouraged to develop puck handling and passing skills. Goalie instructor will introduce different techniques save selections along with rebound recovery skills.

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