In our ongoing effort to ensure player evaluations are transparent, fair, accurate, and increasingly data driven, St. James-Assiniboia Minor Hockey Association is entering into our third year with Max Analytics ( as our trusted evaluators and data partner.

As a result of our partnership you will be receiving direct electronic communication from Max Evaluations & Analytics before and throughout our annual fall evaluations from the email address named “Max” ( So, when you see email messages from “Max” please don’t hit delete! Instead, take the time to review and act on the content as it is important to your child’s evaluations.

Some of the progressive features being offered through Max Evaluations & Analytics include:

  1. Best Practice Approach: The team at Max have conducted over 30,000 player evaluations over the last decade and have built and refined their approach to ensure consistent and quality evaluations.
  2. Skills, Tactics & Gameplay: All scoring and assessment are derived from Hockey Canada methodology and best practices. Each player will aggregate over 300+ data points from up to 8 unique evaluators and across a variety of skill, tactical, and game criteria.
  3. Player Report Cards: Published within 48 hours from the completion of your age group’s tryout, you will now have the opportunity to see how your child performed across a number of hockey related skill metrics. This will enable you to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness so that you can focus your development.
  4. Development over Time: Our intention is to capture your child’s skill level at least on an annual basis. Which over time will create a history of your child’s skill progression over time.
  5. Focus Development Resources: For SJAMHA, we’ll now be able to identify cohort skill trends that will help us develop focused programming for our coaches and players that will address key skills in need of improvement.

It is SJAMHA hope to provide our members with the most transparent and fair evaluation process possible, which has been our long standing commitment to all the families of our association.

Please keep up-to-date with everything by visiting our webpage: and our Instagram page: @sjamha2020


Brett Lough
President, SJAMHA


Jason Abbott
Founding Partner
Max Evaluation & Analytics