Hockey Winnipeg Roster Submission

Head coaches or managers must complete and submit their official Hockey Winnipeg Roster (players, coaches and bench staff) by the following dates:

Hockey Winnipeg roster template

More information on SJAMHA Coach and Bench Staff roles.


SJAMHA has an association-wide TeamSnap plan that allows all SJAMHA teams to operate a premium TeamSnap page at a significantly reduced cost. TeamSnap allows managers, coaches and parents to manage their team’s roster, schedule and more with a convenient web based platform and app. The SJAMHA TeamSnap plan also facilitates management at the association level.

TeamSnap Page Creation

Once your official Hockey Winnipeg Roster has been completed and submitted, your team’s TeamSnap page will be created for you and you will be invited to join. Please refrain from creating your own TeamSnap page as we would like all of our teams to operate under the SJAMHA TeamSnap plan.