(Updated September 4, 2020. SJAMHA/Allard Arena will continue to evaluate facility operation based on future updates from governing bodies.)

In preparing for the August reopening, SJAMHA – Allard Arena made a commitment to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff. Part of that commitment includes frequent review of our COVID-19 Protocols to ensure not only the health and safety of individuals at Allard Arena but also to provide the best hockey experience possible under the province’s public health orders.


Starting September 1, 2020 all individuals entering Allard Arena who are not participants in hockey programming will be required to wear a mask at all times. Participants are required to wear a mask while entering the facility until they reach the dressing room and again upon leaving the dressing room to exit the facility. Coaches and team officials are not required to wear masks while on the ice or behind the bench, however it is strongly recommended. Off-ice coaches and team officials (managers, volunteers) must wear a mask while in the facility at all times. Individuals under the age of ten do not have to wear a mask, however, it is strongly recommended.

General Protocol

  • Please read posted signs before entering.
  • As per the provincial health order, all participants and guests must be screened for symptoms prior to entering the facility each day and are not allowed to enter if they present with COVID-19 symptoms. To make this process as efficient as possible, SJAMHA / Allard Arena has implemented an online screening tool that must be completed prior to entering the facility.
  • Using your smartphone, you can access the online screening tool by scanning the QR code with your camera or by visiting https://cutt.ly/Hfg99M8.
  • When entering Allard Arena, please utilize the hand sanitizer station located at the entrance and proceed to the check-in. If the online self-screening tool cannot be completed for any reason, a sanitized tablet will be made available to allow completion of the screening process.
  • At this time, participants may only have one parent or legal guardian in the building to help us meet all provincial guidelines.
  • Spectators are expected to maintain social distancing at all times when at Allard Arena (2 metres / 6 feet)
  • All high touch areas will be cleaned on an increased basis each day.
  • No outside food or beverage will be allowed in the facility.

Return to Play Approved Phase 2 Protocol for Allard Arena

  1. Only 19 players are allowed on the ice at one time unless the ice is divided into 2 separate groups. If so, these 2 groups are not allowed to interact.
  2. Only 10 players are allowed in a dressing room. If the ice is divided and the two dressing rooms are full the remaining players can dress in bleachers on the west side of the arena.
  3. All players coaches and spectators must wear a mask. Players can take their mask off in the dressing room when dressing and coaches do not have to wear a mask on the ice.
  4. Please observe physical distancing (2 meters). Signs and floor markings are provided as reminders in the bleachers and dressing rooms.
  5. Areas along the boards, in the dressing room area and the lobby are out of bounds.
  6. All players enter the arena from the Northeast entrance and go directly to the dressing room no earlier than 20 minutes before their ice time. One parent can assist the player in the dressing area if needed however younger participants are encouraged to come to the facility dressed for the ice.
  7. Players must stagger their entrance and exit to and from the ice.
  8. Once an ice time is completed, all spectators must use the southeast exit to go to their vehicle. There is no congregating in the lobby, by the entrances/exits or in the parking lot.
  9. After the ice time is complete, all players will exit the dressing room once the next group of players is on the ice. Players must leave the arena through the southeast exit no later than 20 minutes after their ice time is over.
  10. After each ice time the rink attendant will sanitize the dressing rooms and the bench area.
  11. Dressing room washrooms / showers are not available for use at this time. Players may use the main washrooms located in the lobby but must wear skate guards if wearing skates.
  12. Except for your own filled water bottle there will be no outside food or beverages allowed in the facility. No water fountains will be available to participants or spectators.
  13. A new zero tolerance policy regarding spitting will be enforced at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation. If we all abide by these policies, we will be able to keep this facility open in these challenging times and most importantly, help keep everyone safe and healthy.