SJAMHA is hiring tryout evaluators to work with our head evaluator during the try out process. Evaluators are paid $25.00 an hour/session.

SJAMHA Try out Evaluators should:

  • have good interpersonal, communication and instructional skills
  • have some experience coaching at the minor hockey levels or playing at a high level (Jr. or higher)
  • be up on the latest hockey techniques and skills and be able to demonstrate skills and drills on the ice
  • be able to organize prescribed drills for players on the ice
  • be able to accurately rate players during tryouts based on a training session run by the head evaluator
  • be available a high degree of time from the beginning of September to mid-October. If you are evaluating peewee tryouts, we prefer the evaluator be able to make all peewee tryout dates and times.

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