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House League Manual 2016-17

Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Winnipeg and the SJAMHA Hockey Association are organizations committed to the development of amateur hockey within our neighbourhood. Hockey Manitoba has the mandate to provide a hockey environment suitable for the enjoyment of the players, coaches, managers, officials, parents and administrators. Our goal is to encourage good sportsmanship and to help players form good character while they develop hockey skills. Hockey Manitoba provides several programs to its players, coaches, officials, and parents that are tailored towards development, both on and off the ice.

This Program was implemented in 2007 based upon the success the program had in other cities in Canada (Calgary) and has continued to grow each season for the Initiation Division (5 & 6 year olds). The program focuses on skill development and the Fundamentals of the game for the players, coaches and parents. On average there are 9-12 teams that make up this Age Category in the SJAMHA area.

House League Hockey – SJAMHA Mission:

SJAMHA is committed to providing a Fair Play sporting environment in which all individuals involved are treated with dignity and respect. Every participant’s experience should be positive; all participants should have an opportunity to contribute and every participant should experience success. Our sports programs encourage participation in the joy of the sport and the learning of good sportsmanship.

On the SJAMHA website you will also find a tab where you can see the association’s Hockey directors and executives contact information, just click on the Executive tab at the top of the Home page

There is also a House League tab at the top that has other valuable information for H/L parents

Hockey Manitoba mandates that each Association has an Initiation Age Category (5 & 6 year olds).

SJAMHA coaches, managers and convenors are expected to follow the guidelines stated within this manual. The House League Program is run as a Fundamental program with an emphasis on skill development.

Recommendations for volunteers within the IP Program

1.A ratio of 1 volunteer per 5 participants is ideal.

2.The SJAMHA along with Hockey Manitoba will provide on-ice training, support and mentoring to the Hockey Convenor. The coaches will receive their training from Hockey Manitoba as well as professional on-ice instruction during the

10 Initiation Program skates at the start of the season.

3.The SJAMHA and community clubs provide training and support for the technical personnel (coaches) beyond this Program including Coach Specialty clinics and a Coach Mentorship Program with Hockey Manitoba.

4.Experienced SJAMHA coaches should help mentor individuals new to coaching.

5.An experienced instructor or convenor should provide follow up training for the next convenor. It is also a good idea to evaluate each year’s program.

Communications between the Hockey convenor, coaches, managers and other members of the SJAMHA should be open.

6.All coaches and managers MUST take the Respect in Sport online course and sign a coach’s waiver. All parents MUST take the

Parent Respect in Sport online course.


The IP Program encourages an environment in which children can learn the Fundamentals of hockey in a safe, fun atmosphere that doesn’t focus on winning. This is a skills based program with an overall focus on development with an ultimate goal of ensuring the kids have fun and return to the game of hockey the following season.

Program Objectives

-Provide a positive environment for learning the Fundamental skills of hockey

-Stimulate interest and desire to continue playing the game of hockey

-Develop basic hockey skills

-Improve utilization of ice time

-Increase opportunities for players to touch and handle the puck

-To provide an intermediary program between the IP Program and the Full Ice program

-Develop self-esteem through a sense of achievement

-Teach the basic rules of hockey

-Provide a mentoring opportunity for coaches

-Increase coach’s skills and knowledge through specialty clinics and mentoring sessions

House League Division – Players born in 2010 & 2011

Mixed Teams- First & second year players and boys & girls combined.

The SJAMHA and community clubs should insure that the skill levels among the clubs with multiple teams are similar and that no one team is “stacked” in skill level. After the 10 Initiation Program skates at the start of the year the players will be ranked by the community club’s coaches and convenors and the teams will be formed based upon similar skill level for those club’s with multiple teams.

Program Guidelines

SJAMHA (Initiation) teams should consist of a minimum of 9 players per team, maximum 12.

All practices and scrimmages are to be cross-ice, half ice or stations

Players will be grouped based upon appropriate skill level for practice.


Each practice should be skills based with an overall focus on skill development.

Hockey Winnipeg and the SJAMHA have the following structure for practices/games before Xmas:

10 minutes FUN warm up (games/tag/keep away/etc.)

30 minutes individual skill development/ 3-4 skill sets a practice (Passing, Agility, Skating, Stick handling, Shooting, Small area games). 20 minute scrimmage (cross ice) -

Hockey Winnipeg and SJAMHA have the following structure for practices/games after Xmas:

5 minutes FUN warm up (games/tag/keep away/etc.)

15 minutes individual skill development/ 3-4 skill sets a practice (Passing, Agility, Skating, Stick handling, Shooting, Small area games). 40 minute scrimmage (cross ice) – 3 minute running time shifts, buzzer and line change at end of each shift.

Practices/games to include four teams, approx 48 players on the ice at one time for the skills portion.

All practices/games should be upbeat, high energy and most importantly Fun!

At no time should a coach focus on any team systems such as team tactics and or break outs etc.

If a coach is focusing on team tactics please contact the VP of House League

Hockey Canada recommends the following time allotments for an initiation practice:

85% technical skills

15% individual tactics

0% team tactics

0% team play

0% strategy


Tournament and Exhibition Game Rules

No tournaments and or exhibition games are permitted before December 1, 2016 Face-offs are permitted and time clock to be used

3 minutes running time shifts to be used with a buzzer at the end of every shift.

No score will be kept- NO EXCEPTIONS

No game sheets will be used No off sides or icing

Penalties may be called, but the infracting player may sit for 2 minutes but another player will replace the player’s position, therefore the teams always play 5 on 5.

It is recommended that at least one coach from each team be on the ice to direct players at all times.

All tournaments will have to file the appropriate paper work with Hockey Winnipeg (each community club winter carnival) and must be properly posted in the arena (i.e. tournament sanction permit).

Game Rules - Game Regulations

-No Goalie Equipment will be used in games– goal sticks are permitted

-No referees are to be used; instructors are to be on the ice

-All games are to be played cross ice as part of Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Plan, no exceptions!

-After Xmas full ice games are permitted in tournaments only.

-A ref can be used to drop the puck etc, but no off sides and or icings may be called.

House League Player Affiliations

Player affiliations are permitted from the Initiation (5/6 age category) to the 7 & 8 Age Category, maximum 5 games before Xmas and 5 after Xmas per one player. Affiliations from a 5 & 6 yr old team to a 7 & 8 yr old team must follow the guidelines below, and the teams must get approval from their respective convenor.

If you have filled your rosters as full as possible and you are still short (less than 9 skaters) going to a tournament you may use players from one of the other SJAMHA teams as long as it does not conflict with one of their practices or games.


Why are there so many restrictions on H/ L Games?

-One practice will give more skill development than 11 games collectively.

-Players will have the puck on their stick for an average of 40 seconds per a game.

-Each player should have the puck on his or her stick for 8-12 minutes in a one-hour practice.

-Players will take an average of 1-2 shots per game.

-Each player should have a minimum of 30 shots on goal in a 1-hour practice.

-99% of the feedback coaches give players is when they have the puck.

-Ironically, players only have the puck on their stick 0.2% of the game.

-It takes 10 years or 10,000 hours of deliberate training for a talented athlete to reach elite levels.

Sources Sited:

Hockey Canada, Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Winnipeg


Hockey– Where the first goal is having fun!

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Initiation Program Lesson Plans

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