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House League 2018 - 2019 Newsletter

SJAMHA House League 2018-2019 Newsletter


May 3, 2017


Attention: Minor Hockey Associations & Community Clubs
Beginning in the 2017 – 2018 season, players in the Novice age category (7-8 yrs) will play on a modified ice surface –slightly over half the size of a normal hockey rink – until December 31st each season.  Games after December 31st within each hockey season may be played on full-ice.
Hockey Manitoba is pleased to distribute information pertaining to the new Novice Half-Ice program beginning in the 2017-2018 season.
We have developed specific guidelines to assist our Minor Hockey Associations, Community Clubs and our tremendous volunteers in the preparation, implementation and execution of half-ice hockey in the Novice age category.  This will ensure a consistent, organized delivery model across the province, and addresses many of the questions or concerns that our membership may have expressed.
Hockey Manitoba's expectation is that all Minor Hockey Associations follow the layout, format and procedures as outlined in the document.  Click below to access the document:
To ensure both Minor Hockey Associations and our officials are prepared for the new half-ice game structure, Hockey Manitoba has created an officiating procedures document.  This information will be reviewed in detail at all Hockey Manitoba Level 1 officiating clinics each season.
In addition, we have created a web page specific to the Novice Half-Ice program, complete with additional outlines, videos and information related to this progressive and positive change.  We encourage you to visit this page, and share the link below with your parents and members.
Hockey Manitoba sincerely appreciates the efforts of our thousands of volunteers across the province who dedicate their valuable time to our great game. We understand that change can sometimes be difficult, however we are confident that these modifications will benefit all Novice players as they grow and develop.
Thank you for your support!

IP (Initiation Program)

Information on our IP program

Please click to download these information guides

1. Introduction To IP

2. IP Structure


SJAMHA House League 2016 - 2017

House League Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I didnt receive my child's IP schedule by email although I know others who have received their schedule. What should I do?
A: First, check to see if your email program has filtered out the email. If you have recently registered your child, please be patient as it may take a few days to receive your child's information and register them in the appropriate group. If neither of these situations apply, contact the IP director by email.

Q: I have two (or more) children registered for IP. Can they be scheduled at the same time?
A: Children are grouped by age and hockey experience. Unless your children are the same age and have the same level of experience, individual
scheduling requests will likely not be able to be accomodated.

Q: Will my child's IP group be the same as his/her winter team?
A: No. Children in the IP program form mixed groups from all over the SJAMHA catchment area. Winter teams are generally formed based on area of residence (e.g. local community centre).

Q: Does my child need full hockey equipment in order to participate in IP?
A: Yes. Full equipment is required for all children, including mouthguards and neckguards.

Q: Will my child receive a jersey in IP?
A: No. Children will receive their winter team jerseys when their community league starts, after the conclusion of the IP program.

Q: If my child cannot attend all of the IP sessions, do I need to pay the full registration amount?
A: Yes. Refunds are not provided for missed sessions.

Q: Why does my child's IP group only have one (or a few) instructors while other groups seem to have many?
A: The IP program relies exclusively on volunteers. All IP personnel, including the director and instructors, are volunteers who circulate between
groups to provide assistance and guidance to the parent volunteers and children. If your child's group appears to have few instructors, please
consider helping out on the ice as a parent volunteer.


Welcome to SJAMHA House League Hockey

So what is House League Hockey?
House League hockey refers to hockey played by kids up to the age of 8 years old. There are two age groups that fall under the title of House League, the first is players 6 and under, and the second is players that are 7 or 8. SJAMHA House League games are played at arenas like Allard, Keith Bodley, Billy Mosienko and MTS Iceplex.

House league teams are all based out of the SJAMHA area including the following clubs; Assiniboine West C.C., Bord-Aire C.C., Bourkevale C.C., Burton Cummings C.C., Deer Lodge C.C., Heritage Victoria C.C. , Kirkfield Westwood C.C. , Robert A Steen C.C., Sturgeon Heights C.C., Tyndall Park C.C., Valour C.C., Weston C.C., and Woodhaven C.C.

Once I’ve signed up my child, what happens next?
During the first half of September, all players signed up to play House League will be placed in a pre-season skills camp called the Initiation Program. Someone from the Initiation Program will send a confirmation email to you. Since this is the primary form of communication, please make sure you are accurate with this information when you register.

The IP sessions will start in late September and run for seven weeks providing ten ice times for all players to develop their skills. These sessions all take place at Allard Arena and will take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings. IP groups are usually around 10-12 players per group and are created based on age and experience, not based on your community club. The groups are run by parent volunteers that are given a lesson plan to follow for each session. That’s right WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you agree to help with an IP session, you are agreeing to help for these 10 sessions, you are not committing to coach for the full winter.

What comes after the IP sessions?
Near the end of October, all players in SJAMHA House League will be placed on a team based out of one of the community clubs listed above. In most cases, your child will play on a team based out of the nearest community club to your home. However, each year there are a number of players that are moved to other clubs to help balance out the registration numbers. For example, if only three players sign up at one community club, they would most likely be moved to another club that needed more players.

Is it time to play hockey?
Yes, after the ten IP sessions, it’s time to finally join your team for games and practices.

At the 5/6 level, SJAMHA will help teams get started by providing 5 indoor practice times to go along with the start of the league. Last year, this meant that each team played a game on Saturday and had a practice on Sunday. Following these first five weeks, teams are expected to book their own indoor practice ice to go along with the outdoor practices that usually start in December.

SJAMHA strongly believes in the development of players, so each player will have 15 practice times (10 IP and 5 practices) along with 15 league games as part of their registration. Coaches are encouraged to have an equal number of games and practices.

Games at the 5/6 level are allocated 45 minutes but play a 30 minute game consisting of 10-3 minute shifts. Coaches are asked to divide their teams into an “advanced” line and a “developing” line. Teams then play their “advanced” lines against each other and their “developing” lines against each other. This means that a first year player that has difficulty standing will not have to compete against an “advanced” player that can skate well, stop, shoot the puck in the air and go end to end, forward and backward. There are no referees on the ice, but each team will have a coach helping the game along. Each player should get a chance to play each position during a game including goalie!

Games at the 7/8 level are more like “real” hockey with three periods and referees on the ice, with coaches staying on the bench. Goalies are in full equipment and therefore will play a full game in that position, not just one shift like the 5/6 games.

What else do I need to know?
Although you pay a set fee online when you register, most teams will collect additional funds or ask parents to participate in a fundraising activity. This additional cost may go towards additional indoor practice ice, tournaments, clothing for the team, team pictures and even the team wind-up. This additional cost has ranged from $0 (but lots of fundraising) up to $200 depending on how much “extra” the team agrees to participate in.

Once the snow falls and the temperature drops, parents can expect to have outdoor practices. Sometimes these are once a week and other times twice a week depending on the team but mostly depending on the weather. The best news about outdoor ice is that it is usually FREE! Most teams will also add additional games and tournaments to the schedule set by SJAMHA. The games and tournaments can be indoor or outdoor and often provide an opportunity to play teams from outside of SJAMHA.

Anything else?
Yes! Many teams are expected to provide some volunteer time to the team and/or the community club. This could be anything from helping to run a tournament to working a 3 hour canteen shift at the club. In any case, please be as helpful as possible. Please remember that everyone involved in running your hockey team is a volunteer! If you can’t help out by coaching, then try to take an extra shift volunteering to do your part.

Finally, winter goes by much faster when you spend it at a rink! And without a doubt, those first few years of House League hockey are the most fun!

Hockey Equipment Fitting & Maintenance Guide

Initiation Program Lesson Plans

Download the Initiation Program Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan A
Lesson Plan B
Lesson Plan C
Lesson Plan D