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SJAMHA is proud to endorse the Hockey Code of Conduct, which are guidelines for acceptable conduct for Players, Parents, and Coaches alike. This program promotes fair play and respect for all participants.

Conduct & Leadership

"To lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences"
This statement is Hockey Canada's mission statement. SJAMHA full heartedly supports this statement. Coaches and parents are the biggest contributors to a young player's hockey experience. SJAMHA launched a pilot program last season - the Conduct & Leadership Development Program. And issued this vision statement:

The SJAMHA is the community leader in providing an environment where every person can enjoy the game of hockey, all the while remembering that it is a game for the kids

Conduct & Leadership will now be implemented throughout the SJAMHA. It incorporates the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey program (, the SJAMHA website has a link to it) and other educational and developmental initiatives for coaches, parents, and players. Safe & Fun Hockey seeks to inform parents, coaches, and players of the values in developing a positive attitude toward healthy competition, development, co-operative teamwork, fair play, and grace under pressure. The program includes coach mentorship, leadership development, a parent's approach team session, conduct codes for all participants, and other safety/responsibility initiatives.